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When Building Your Review Site


You must ensure that you your viewers are presented with ONE clear message, this clear message can be to click on your affiliated offers or to click on the ads within your site, or to become a subscriber of your site.

It is often the case, many people load their pages with all sorts of distractions from, Popups, to Affiliated Offers to Ads all on the one page. This is highly confusing for your viewer and they simply leave.

The BEST sites are the ones that are CLEAR, SHARP and to the point. When building you must decide on what monetization strategy to use and where to direct the viewer.

It is EXTREMELY important for when a viewer lands on your site you want them to do ONE thing.



  • Click on Your Affiliate Offer...

  • Click on Your Ads...

  • Read Your Content...

  • Or Simply Optin...



Your HOME PAGE, should not be a blog post containing every post you have, It should be a page containing 1 ARTICLE related to the offer you are selling. This article should have hyper links pointing to up to 3 Inner Pages also related to your offer.

Your BLOG should be a footer link and contain all your secondary posts just for SEO and backlinking purposes.

You should never change your HOME PAGE, it should remain STATIC to build PAGE RANK, and SERP Rankings.

A FEATURE area, on the top of your site should present the AFFILIATE offer you are trying to sell and should be present on every page and post.

The Above Points Are just Some Of The Important Aspects When Building Sites

The GOOD NEWS is...

You don't have to worry about anything because i have, BUILT 3 Home Brewing Beer Sites for you to take and upload to your new domain names. I have built these 3 sites EXACTLY the same way i build my own sites because they simply work. All you have to do is upload the sites and enter your affiliate information...


You will be able to see EXACTLY What needs to be done when you are building your own

sites, Just simply copy mine.

What Is Included Within These 3 Home Brewing Beer Sites...

  • TOP Plugins Installed & Optimized

    Top plugins activated to make a site

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  • Home Page created with Content SEO Optimized

    Home Page setup correctly in

    a way that no one else does.

  • Home Page connected to secondary pages

    Internal Linking Structure Optimized,

    just what Google is looking for.

  • Blog setup with starter content

    Enough content to become ranked in

    Google, Home Page, Secondary

    Pages, and Blog Content.

  • Privacy, Terms and Disclaimer pages setup

    Required pages that Google and

    viewers look for to ensure your a

    trusted site.

  • Feature area setup for optimal site sales

    The BIG one, Most my students don’t

    have a clue how to do this, and is the

    most powerful feature.

  • Installed and optimized one of the leading SEO themes

    One of the best themes on the market,

    Installed and Optimized.

  • Instructions

    Instructions on how to upload these

    sites to your new domain

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So You Are Getting... 3 Top Quality Home Brewing Sites

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