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Dear Marketer,

Hi It's Kevin Byrne & Billy Graham. We are bringing you a JAMMED PACKED Niche Silo Package, exploiting ONE of the largest Markets out there. The Arthritis segment, Incorporating  Osteoarthritis, And Rheumatoid Arthritis


I have uncovered many Page 1 KEYWORDS as well as DOMAINS so you can kill it with the extremely lucrative niche.


I am today introducing Billy to you all, He is an accomplished student of mine who has been involved in Affiliate Marketing, he has been learning affiliate site creation from me, which as you know, is one of my areas of expertise, along with Creating affiliate Sites. I also develop Plugins, Software and write Advanced SEO books. I do this to help my students and AUTOMATE many of the tedious onsite daily tasks.  

A question Billy and other students often ask is, Why are my sites failing... and my answer is simple ! You are NEGLECTING 1 or more, of the 6 KEY PILLARS of Affiliate Site Building.

Did you know that if you neglect any ONE of the

following, your affiliate sites WILL FAIL


  • Keyword Research
  • Domain Research
  • Product Research
  • Website Graphics
  • Secondary Keywords
  • Product Reviews

I know the feeling, “SETUP” a site quickly and

expect the cash to flow in…

When I started out I did not spend any time on any of the above PARTICULARLY… Keyword Research. I just bought a domain and started writing on some keywords which ALWAYS resulted in nothing.

After years of hard work, tweaking and testing I realized there was much more to Keyword, Domain & Niche Research. In FACT there are up to 8 TECHNIQUES that one must follow in order to decide if a KEYWORD is GOOD or BAD. There is only ONE way to do Keyword Research and that’s the RIGHT WAY. Unfortunately it is a long tedious process and that is why I am bringing you this today…

                   The Proof When Done Right

The Results Below speak for themselves. This is what happened when one of my students applied my strategies and used my PLR packets to build profitable niche sites.

Introducing The Arthritis Niche Packets

Beginner or Advanced affiliate marketers can take advantage of a “CompleteArthritis Segment Package that will bring you $9-97 per sale on 3 main keyword niche’s.


NO Research Needed


NO Missing Links

NO Worry

THOUSANDS of Monthly Searches ALONE For

3 of Many Keywords

So Here Is What You Are Getting

Each KEYWORD Is Analyzed To The

Following Standards

  • Keyword
  • Monthly Searches
  • CPC
  • Competing Pages
  • Real Competition
  • CP Strength
  • Average PR
  • PR Strength
  • Competition Results
  • Ad’s Count (Shows if keyword is commercial or not)
  • Keyword Rating (Amazing, Good, Bad)

Why The Arthritis Niche


  • Why The Arthritis Niche. After hours of researching PRODUCTS, KEYWORDS and DOMAINS I finally found a winning niche within one of the most profitable niches online to date. The Arthritis Niche is certainly a WIN WIN for you as there are millions of people around the globe desperately Looking for the Best Treatments and remedies for Arthritis
  • We are looking at ever increasing SEARCH VOLUME statistics.
  • Arthritis is a High Gravity Product.
  • Great Sales Material to Dominate the Niche.
  • Recurring Commissions on Sales.
  • Above average CPC earnings.
  • Billion Dollar Niche

How Easy Can This Get

As you can see you get Complete ACCESS to an Evergreen readymade ClickBank niche. Simply follow the steps below to DOMINATE this Sleep Disorder niche all the way to the bank.

No need to waste any more time setting up sites not knowing if they will become a success or not. You have the entire package here ready to go.


Warning Limited Copies Available

As this is QUALITY PLR that contains winning KEYWORDS & DOMAINS I must

limit the number of copies available so my clients get the best value and opportunity

to setup many sites per package. So I would advise you to get in NOW while you can.


Why Bother Guessing

When you can DOWNLOAD this package that does all the hard work for you for the price of a domain name. If you need more convincing checkout more proof below as well as your bonuses

Arthritis Sales Page

My Track Record


I have sold thousands of Plugins, Books and Software aimed to help both I, and You when setting up affiliate sites.

I have many raving testimonials on all my product pages proving that my products


This is a screen shot of one of my client’s earnings from using my products

This is a screen shot of my Amazon Account

using the same KEYWORDS, & DOMAIN

strategies as in this NICHE Package.

Arthritis Sales Page

My Bonuses

Not only are you getting the PLR Niche Package to setup your sites, YOU are getting my best selling affiliate courses to ensure you know exactly what you are doing. These courses are current, Google Friendly and have many GOLDEN NUGGETS inside. Simply click the buy button now and get all this for the price of a pizza.

Arthritis Sales Page

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

As always I offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Please

note that I WILL NOT entertain serial refunder’s or those

who do not have a genuine excuse. I block those who

attempt to refund dishonestly.